Strawberry Skin and How to Treat It


Have you ever noticed dark spots on your legs and asked yourself, “What are these brown spots, how do I get rid of them, and how can I prevent them from coming back?” You may be experiencing what’s called strawberry skin. But don’t worry! It’s not dangerous to your health, and it can be treated from the comfort of your home. While it poses no danger, it can cause your confidence to go down.

Strawberry skin is a common skin condition that gets its name from the discoloration that often resembles the seeded exterior of a strawberry. It’s typically found on your legs, but it can also appear on other areas of your body.

What Causes Strawberry Skin?

Shaving – Shaving is one of the leading causes of strawberry skin. Using a dull razor, shaving too quickly, or shaving without cream can increase your chances of finding yourself with dark spots.

Clogged pores – Shaving opens up the pores and follicles on them, creating the ideal environment for a buildup of oils, dead skin cells, and bacteria.

Dry skin – Dry skin can make darker pore more visible and skin appear pitted.

How Do You Treat Strawberry Skin? 

Step 1 – Exfoliate

Exfoliation is the process to remove dead skin from the body. Exfoliation can help clear away a layer of dead skin cells, excess oil, and bacteria to help reduce the chances of strawberry skin. Exfoliation can unclog pores and give you silky smooth skin while preparing it for shaving.

Pure Radiance Exfoliating Scrub

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Step 2 – Shave

Keep your razor clean by storing it in a dry place to keep bacteria and rust at bay, and replace the razor regularly. Use a shaving lotion or cream to nourish your skin and help you get a smooth close shave.

Step 3 – Moisturize Daily

Apply body lotion after bathing or shaving. This helps prevent razor burn, retain moisture in your skin and keep it smooth and healthy.

Hand and Body Lotion

This lotion delivers rich moisture to sustain skin all day, leaving it supple and silky smooth.

Exfoliate, cleanse and shave wisely, then moisturize daily. These steps with time and consistency are all it takes to keep strawberry skin at bay and achieve glowy smooth skin.

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