Silky Smooth Skin with Makari Exfoliating Body Wash


Give your body a spa-like makeover with our bestselling exfoliating body wash. The Luxurious Exfoliating Body Wash supports natural cell renewal, unclogs pores, smooths skin, and brightens your skin tone to reveal a luminous glow. 

Specially formulated for all skin types, this body wash is enriched with hydrating aloe vera and brightening glycolic acid. Jojoba beads work with aloe vera to moisturize and reduce dry, scaly skin, providing a soothing dose of hydration that helps the skin to replenish its natural moisture. All-natural licorice and mulberry root extracts work together as powerful yet gentle skin brightening agents for a more even, clear, and radiant skin tone.

CLEANS AND DETOXIFIES: Our body wash deep-cleans your skin by removing dirt and excess buildup in the pores. Feel the difference in a thoroughly cleansed and revitalized body.

REMOVES DEAD SKIN CELLS: Wash away old and dead skin cells to reveal clean new skin underneath. Our body wash exfoliates smooth and rough areas alike so you get soft, baby-fresh skin all over.

NATURAL PLANT EXTRACTS: Pamper your body with apricot seed extracts and cucumber fruit extracts. Together, they tone, firm, nourish your skin and neutralize harmful free radicals.


To use, apply directly to a wet body sponge in the shower. Gently massage the moisturizing cleanser onto wet skin, paying particular attention to the elbows, knees, and heels. You can also disperse it under running bathwater. 

Feel refreshed and nourished while achieving the silky smooth skin of your dreams. With this body wash you’re one step closer to a glowing complexion!

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