Discover Your Skin Microbiome


The skin microbiome is a topic of great interest in the world of skincare. It protects us from harmful germs and toxins, and it lives on our skin to do so. Sounds more like a sci-fi novel than a fact, but just how many tiny organisms live on our skin? And why?

The microbiome, or collection of microorganisms that live on our skin, is unique to each person and the average person has more bacterial cells than human cells. It has been estimated that there are more than one trillion bacteria in the skin, originating from approximately one thousand different species. And depending on the skin’s texture, thickness and humidity, different microbes can inhabit different regions of your skin. In fact, the face, chest and back—which tend to be oily—will often house higher amounts of bacteria, making them more prone to acne.

Our skin is a living, breathing organ. It needs proper care and maintenance, along with the right pH to stay healthy and thriving. Healthy skin is about creating a healthy environment for these microorganisms, and the skin requires both external and internal treatment. Super dry skin will feel quenched thanks to ingredients like shea butter and glycerin, which naturally attract water and condition the epidermis. The best steps we can take in our daily routines is limiting the amount of anti-bacterial skin care products, which can also destroy good bacteria, and not over-cleansing our skin. Instead, reach for a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser and wash your face no more than twice a day to help maintain the skin’s natural oils and microbial balance.

A healthy skin microbiome leads to beautifully radiant and healthy skin!

Recommendations to protect and restore your skin microbiome:

Brightening Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap 

An effective cleanser especially for oily skin. Wash away oil that makes your skin more prone to acne. 

Day Cream 

Restore your moisture barrier with this restorative cream, which supports your skin's microbiome.

Intense Extreme Glow Rejuvenating Body Lotion 

This lotion contains shea butter and glycerin, which naturally attract moisture to the skin and condition it.

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