Hyperpigmentation is common and can be caused by a variety of factors, not just pregnancy, as it is often associated. Hyperpigmentation occurs when there is overstimulation to the melanocyte (melanin-producing) cell, within this cell, the melanosomes produce excess pigment and then deposit the pigment into neighboring skin cells, and this results in dark brown patches of skin. It usually appears across the forehead, cheeks, and upper lip in a butterfly pattern, but can also appear in single spots or patches. At Makari, we pride ourselves in being the melanin skin experts and we asked our in-house skin expert to give us 4 easy steps to treat and get rid of these skin concerns in 4 easy steps.


It's important to exfoliate the skin, to get rid of dead skin cells and wash off any dirt. Let this be the first step to prep for better skin.

Exfoliating Soap 


You must treat and repair the skin. Rebuild the collagen and treat those severely pigmented areas which will boost the skin's overall radiance. This step also controls excess sebum production.

Clarifying Serum 


Now it's time to protect! This is a two-part step for the morning and night. Our day cream is a nourishing and brightening formula that not only hydrates and brightens, but also fades skin spots. Our night cream will do the rest of the work overnight. It's our miracle cream that regenerates skin cells and brightens the skin.

Day Face Cream 

Night Face Cream 


You need to seal the deal now! This final step is crucial to not reversing all previous steps. Our skin experts cannot stress enough how important it is, no matter the weather, you must ALWAYS wear sunscreen. We have two sunscreens that protect and keep dark spots from returning.

Moisturizing Sunscreen 

Facial Sunscreen 

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